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Speech-Language and Hearing Associates of Greater Boston, PC is a center for diagnostic and therapeutic audiology and speech and language and OT services. Our providers have master's or doctoral degrees and are certified in Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, OT, and Educational Therapy. Just as important, we all have both the compassion and skill to help patients improve their quality of life. We provide personalized and individual care for each patient.


It’s time to stop searching for the speech, language, and hearing treatments you need from large hospitals and big box stores. We take holistic approach to treatment and communication. We recognizing that speech, language, social, and cognitive development and engagement are highly dependent on the clarity and strength of the sounds processed through the auditory modality. Speech-Language & Hearing Associates employs the most well educated and highly trained staff to provide a full range of specialized services—all under one roof.

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Why Choose Us

Our facilities evaluate and treat a wide array of speech, language, hearing, and neuro-cognitive issues.

At Speech-Language and Hearing Associates of Greater Boston, PC, we are dedicated professionals, who care about helping you improve and maintain the quality of your life by maximizing your ability to hear and understand the people around you and stay connected. Give us a call at 508-359-4532 today for more information.

Client Testimonials

My son has been going to Speech Language and Hearing Associate of Greater Boston for over nine years. Diagnosed at an early age with Apraxia of Speech in addition to a complex mixture of learning disorders, his developmental and academic road has been a difficult one. As he has progressed from a toddler to a pre-teen, the therapists here have continued to encourage him, set and achieve new goals, and provide the support he needs. Our long-time therapist is an invaluable resource to me and has become a major influence in helping our son reach his full potential. She is part of our Team!

Dr. Maura Marks and the entire staff at SL&H Associates are a caring group of professionals I would highly recommend. Our family could not be happier with our experience.
Deborah Beauregard
Walpole, MA

In 2004 it was recommended that my son get extra help with his speech. We approached Speech-Language and Hearing’s Dr. Maura Marks. After her assessment, she set us up with one of the office’s excellent speech therapists. His vocabulary has expanded incredibly over the last 11 years . Recently we have asked to have more focus on his reading, Dr. Maura Marks and the therapist worked together with us to get a program in place that has begun to show results in a very short time. We have recommended Speech-Language and Hearing Associates to other parents who have inquired about speech services, as well as, Hearing issues with their children. Their attention to the needs of both the patient and the family is top notch.
A. DiRado