Speech Therapy in Medfield, MA

Speech-Language and Hearing Associates of Greater Boston, PC offers both adult and pediatric speech and language therapy based on state-of-the-art diagnostic testing. From the results of our own assessments as well as the reports provided to us from other facilities, we design an individualized treatment program and measure patient progress on an ongoing basis. For example, some of the areas we evaluate include:

Receptive and Expressive Language

Because language is complex and multifaceted, its assessment requires a battery of standardized measures designed to evaluate various receptive and expressive components. This includes auditory comprehension, oral and written expression, and understanding and application of linguistic concepts, syntactic and grammatical rules, semantic relationships, vocabulary, and social pragmatics. Skill level is evaluated based on the patient chronological age and history.


We evaluate decoding (word attack, phonemic awareness) and encoding (spelling) skills, and reading fluency (rate and accuracy).

Reading Comprehension

We evaluate the patient's ability to identify main idea and details, and apply critical thinking skills (e.g., making inferences and drawing conclusions).

Speech Intelligibility/Articulation/Oral-Motor Planning

We evaluate speech production in terms of articulatory precision and rate, in words, phrases, sentences, and conversation. For children, this requires a developmental perspective. For adults, the focus may be restorative.

Verbal Fluency

We evaluate the patterns of disfluency, cluttering, and word finding difficulties and the need for treatment.

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