Clear Communication is the Key to Progress

Has your foreign or regional accent ever made communications difficult? In social interactions? In business transactions?

Well, Speech-Language & Hearing Associates can help!

Here at our state-of-the-art facilities in Medfield and Plainville, MA, we provide individualized instruction with the Compton ESL program. This accent modification program improves business, professional, and social speaking skills, and can give you the results you want for clearer, more defined speech.

The program begins with a personal speech analysis then continues with speech modification techniques, auditory discrimination practice, customized conversational techniques, and interactive (CD-ROM, audio CD and online formats) home training materials. As a participant, you will work to improve the clarity and effectiveness of your communication at the sound, word, and conversational levels, and start to notice a real difference over a short period of time.

Although these are elective services and are not covered by insurance, Speech-Language & Hearing Associates can help you to choose the right kind of plan that fits your needs and your budget. As language experts, we ensure the best, personalized results from your custom program. You can expect to reduce your accent by at least 50% by the end of the course.

For more information about Speech-Language & Hearing Associates, or to get started on the road to better hearing, please contact our office at 508-359-4532 or 508-695-6848.