Language, Hearing & Speech Services That Work For You

Speech-Language & Hearing Associates provides a full battery of individualized, intensive, compassionate services. We evaluate and treat delays and disorders in speech, receptive and expressive language, social pragmatics, and voice. We also evaluate hearing, auditory processing, sensorimotor function, literacy, and learning and provide a wide range of therapies and management programs. We also offer LSVT, post-stroke therapy, and strategic and ABA-based educational therapies. We treat all ages. Our center is an official Neuromonics Accredited Provider.

Diagnostic Speech, Language, and Literacy

We provide diagnosis and treatment for all aspects of communication. Auditory and language processing and oral and written language, decoding, reading comprehension, verbal fluency, speech production, strategic learning—we assist both children and adults in all of these areas and focus on skill enhancement from start to finish. We also offer treatments for Parkinson’s disease (LSVT) and ABA-based educational therapies.

Audiological Services

Our audiological services focus on a number of vital, yet very different, areas that affect our patients. These can include standard hearing evaluations, Tinnitus Evaluations and treatments, and hearing aid fittings and repairs.

Accent Reduction for ESL

 This program improves business, professional, and social speaking skills, and teaches new speech techniques to improve clarity and effectiveness.

Therapeutic Services

Our therapies are individualized to each unique patient. We use a data-driven, diagnostic-prescriptive approach to improve and sustain skills.

Payment Information:

Payments and co-pays are usually made at each session unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Health insurers may cover/reimburse families for some or all of our services. We accept most insurances including: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, CIGNA, TRICARE, United Health Care and Medicare B.  

For more information about Speech-Language & Hearing Associates, or to get started on the road to better hearing, please contact our office at 508-359-4532 or 508-695-6848.