Quality Hearing Aids Available in Medfield, MA

You can always trust Speech-Language and Hearing Associates to provide state-of-the-art advanced hearing aid products from the best brands and tinnitus devices. We will help you maximize your hearing and minimize, alleviate, and manage your tinnitus. We custom fit our treatments to your exact needs and budget.

Hearing Aids

Speech-Language and Hearing Associates custom fits every type of hearing aid to ensure maximum comfort and auditory assistance. Whether you prefer a Behind-the-Ear (BTE), In-the-Ear (ITE), In-the-Canal (ITC), or Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) option, we perfect your hearing aid to your specific needs to give you optimal hearing ability.

Best of all, we not only sell the best hearing products on the market today; we service them, too. Regardless of the type of device you own, your hearing aid will eventually need service. At Speech-Language and Hearing Associates, we are here to keep you up and running. We stand behind what we sell and promise that you will achieve the best functionality and optimal sound quality available, guaranteed.

Tinnitus Devices

Tinnitus, or ringing and buzzing in the ears, is caused by damage to the inner ear. It is associated with ear infections, exposure to loud sounds, and some medications.

At Speech-Language and Hearing Associates, we provide a two-hour comprehensive evaluation to measure the pitch of your tinnitus and find the appropriate amount of sound to mask it. Using our high-frequency audiometer in tandem with our customized questionnaires, we can determine the extent of your tinnitus and customize the right device for your needs. We are also a Neuromonics accredited treatment center. Our Neuromonics Oasis program is a 6-8 month extended time of therapy that uses desensitization and neural plasticity to reduce the effects of tinnitus.

Along with hearing devices, we also provide many types of therapy, including comprehensive audiological therapy services to diagnose and treat various types of hearing loss and tinnitus.

For more information about Speech-Language & Hearing Associates, or to get started on the road to better hearing, please contact our office at 508-359-4532 or 508-695-6848.